A Painter par excellence!

The gulmohar tree is a fool.
In midst of the mindless clutter,
Irresponsible asymmetry,
Abusive spread
And energy sapping dullness,
The gulmohar tree blooms
Every spring;
As if it wants to show its solidarity,
Unlike the unappreciative concrete all around.
The gulmohar tree wants to hold back the passing spring.
It spreads out its branches
And offers itself as a canvas,
To applaud and acknowledge
spring’s intense desire
To be a painter par excellence.


Random musing

When do we sow?
What do we reap?
What should take precedence?
Desires or
One’s own conscience?
Who knows what is right?
Who decides what is right?
In a world full of individuals,
Who decides who is sane
And who has lost his mind?
Where do we come from?
Where are we destined?
Who can say with finality
He has planned for all,
right down to the “T”?