English poetry, Poetry

In India’s cities and towns..

Moving through the narrow by-lanes of the city,
He realised that he was in the company,
Of life!
It came to him;
with a conversation that jumped out through the open window of a house,
As the hum of a song
Slipping through the crack in a door,
As the fragrance of spices
Wafting out from a kitchen,
As cocked ears and soulful eyes of the dog
staring through the grille of the balcony.
He found himself full of life!

English poetry, Poetry

Soaring imagination

The wind howled
and banged against closed doors and windows.
Freed of the confines of silence
That hangs like a heavy shroud over the sea,
It longed for the company of the humans,
Of life that lived
and throbbed with its own intensity
Within glass and concrete.
Alas, the humans only saw threat and fear
And kept the doors and windows barred shut!