English poetry, Poetry

Delaying justice

As the reddish orange tongues of flames leapt up hungrily,

Eager to feel and taste the cold human flesh.

The murderer felt a thrill coursing his veins.

Justice, he knew for sure, would now be delayed!

Copyright reserved@Goutam Dutta




Bengali poetry, Poetry

বেলা শেষ

মৃত্যু তুমি আসবে কেমনে
কোন দেশ এ, কোন রূপে?

আসবে কি ঝড়ের বেগে,
ঘূর্ণির পাঁকে, পেঁচিয়ে নিতে?

কিম্বা আসবে বীর সৈনিকের বেশে,
তোমার জয়ের ঘোষণা, যুদ্ধ শেষে?

আসবে কি তুমি নিঝুম রাতে,
মন ভোলানো এক স্বপনের সাথে?

কিম্বা একদিন চলার পথে,
নিয়ে জাবে খেলার ছলে, হাতটা ধরে?

মৃত্যু তুমি নীরব কেন?
প্রশ্ন গুলোর উত্তর কি জান?

তবে তুমি থাকবে, আমি জানি,
বন্ধু হয়ে, শেষ বেলার সহযাত্রী।




English poetry, Poetry



The shower had stopped and the raindrops hung from wires and leaves
Swinging gently in the breeze,
unsure of the new surroundings,
loath to making new commitments to the world below.


Spring came with it’s commitment to spread warmth and cheer.
It impregnated the air with love, awoke the cuckoo and
reached the spot where the gulmohur tree would eagerly wait.
Only to find the gulmohur replaced, by a concrete pillar.



English poetry, Poetry

Happiness…in the New Year


“Happy New year”!
screamed banners,
hoardings and advertisements galore;
As Earth’s revolution ended
and it readied for one more!
Bemused it was at seeing such happiness when,
humans everywhere had polluted
and left it’s beauty defaced.


The cold had halted abruptly around the small fire,
Which the poor boy had lit on the pavement,
using scraps and wastes lying all around.
Happy”? I asked him,sensing the warmth on his face.
“Happy New Year”, his wish was punctuated by his smile!