#Whatdoyousee A Face at the Crossing

22 thoughts on “#Whatdoyousee A Face at the Crossing”

    1. Beggars like these are known in India as “Bahuroopie”. Not very common now. When I was a kid, I used to be very scared of them….usually they didnt speak, only mimed and begged. 😊

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  1. While they did speak, because of their different costumes and language your verse reminded me of when I had to go through one of the Mexican/American Borders which is basically a tourist type trap. We were warned by the person who was driving that a) most of what they were selling was just that inexpensive tourist items and b) not to even look out the window.

    I’m sure some were just trying to sell items to feed their families…

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    1. Yes…in India they are usually beggars looking for some alms. They are poor and harmless usually though modernity has polluted them and there have been cases in recent times of trying to steal the mobile phone as you roll down the window and they engage you. There could be an accomplice hidden somewhere too, waiting for an opportunity. The costume is primarily to attract attention.

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    1. So happy to know that you like my poem. 😊
      Agree with your views about begging. The divide between the haves and have-nots is probably gowing. Unfortunately the answers to these issues are complex.

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