Tree of Life

26 thoughts on “Tree of Life”

    1. Thanks so much. The tree and the house is real and it did seem absolutely stunning when I had seen it first time. It was as if they were beckoning me to write about them. Had written this poem earlier but when I saw the prompt, I thought this would be a perfect poem for the prompt. Have done a bit of modifications from the original poem. So glad to know that you enjoyed this poem of mine. Thanks so much. 😊🙏


      1. So, you made use of your earlier written poem. That was great! Sometimes I think of writing and stocking poems but because of time which are not cooperative with me, I made up my mind . Whatever time there is to spend, I’ll just take the chance to write. Anyways, thanks for the conversation. It’s my pleasure to have you exchanging views with mine. ……Be safe !

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      2. Unfortunately, I too am not very well organised by nature. If you happen to check my mobile phone and my laptop, you will find scribbles of my poems all over the place. I guess it’s the same with all of us poets…poets are meant to be a little instinctive, a little haphazard, different… 😀. In this case, while I was pondering what to write, this poem just came into my mind and then I searched for it on my laptop. Did a bit of modifications before sending. My pleasure to have interacted with you at length. I love the Haiku that you write, read a few of them again today evening 😊


      3. Thanks for loving my haiku. I’ve learned how to write haikus during my Blogging University stint in WordPress. That was quite an exciting experience. I write in black and white when something crops up in my mind when sleeping, haha, sleeping, i mean when i lay down, my mind still works. it continue to think short lines….. Again, thanks a lot talking to you in milkyway. Sweet dreams!

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments, which make me feel very happy. Would be a real pleasure to receive your feedback on my posts. Thanks once again. Wishing you the start of a good weekend. 😊


  1. When I saw that Eugi’s prompt this week was “tree of life” I though of writing about the banyan growing outside the door of where I stayed when I visited Mumbai. 🙂 They are such amazing trees – and what a great poem and photo!

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    1. Thank you so much. Yes, they are amazing because of their tenacity and ability to grow rapidly. They also live very long, sometimes over a 100 years and hence can oversee the passing of generations. There is one banyan tree in Kolkata which is almost 150 + years old. It is housed in the Botanical garden here. There is also one in Shantiniketan, which used to be the abode of our Nobel Laureate poet Rabindranath Tagore. This tree, with its prop roots hanging down, looks almost like an Indian yogi sitting in deep meditation. If you happen to visit the eastern part of India sometime, I would recommend you to try and have a look at these two. 😊

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