18 thoughts on “Home”

  1. I love your works thank you for sharing this the imagery is breath taking

    I wonder would you consider sharing your works to myfanwy80@yahoo.com all rights reserved to authors who submit and it’s free hoping to show that our writing styles are as unique as we each are the site is myfanwy&friends http://www.myfanwy80.com please consider it’s also linked to twitter too ? Keep shining!!

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    1. Thanks so very much. This pair lives on the pavement near our house. Found them one day, badly drenched in a shower. Had written this poem then; a sense of sympathy for the duo working its way inside my heart. 🙏 😊

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  2. Very true. I have this dream too that someday I could build a house/hospital big enough to house many strays. Not sure if I would ever have that kind of financial means but nevertheless it is a good dream to have. Who knows how the future will unfold. 😊


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