In Search of Happiness

26 thoughts on “In Search of Happiness”

  1. Beautifully penned, Goutam. Seems we don’t always look in the right places for happiness. Your stanza “Then someone suggested to me
    To look inside my head
    That is where apparently
    Happiness has it’s own nest.”
    says it all.

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  2. In search of happiness lost all my happiness , why we search which is our basic nature which is then with open eyes and also in closed eyes if we just stop with our ego of searching . lovely expression of search in modern times , love the way you put your silence into words . love all.
    ram H singhal

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    1. Thank you so much Sir. Yes…you are absolutely right. It’s the ego that gets connected to our search and this is the cause of the pain. The search then becomes a craving to possess. We forget that we are merely transiting in this world and hence possessing anything is useless. Well said Sir.

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