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    1. I hope he does. I have this dread that stops me from adopting another pet these days.; not sure whether we really have the capacity to read their mind or understand the problems and pains that animals go through. We believe we are doing the right thing for them but we might be actually harming them. The situation may be better off in west but in India for sure we lack good vets and animal psychologists who can help ease pain of animals. That saddens me at times.

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  1. A very enlightening poem Goutam! We adopted our cat from a shelter which is her second time around being adopted. Her first family said she made their kids nervous. We have had her since February 2020 and enjoy her immensely. She shows all the signs of a happy cat and is an inside cat. Our previous cat lived until she was 19 years old so I feel we must be doing something right by providing a home for them.

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    1. That is really great news Eugenia. Am sure that is very encouraging and a proof that the cats are living in a well cared home. In my case our Dachshund, Simba, had a short life. So I sometimes blame myself on this count and have this feeling that probably we did not give him enough opportunities to develop a natural immunity because of various reasons/constraints. My writing is, to some extent, specific to Indian situation as a lot needs to be done here to control the illegal breeders, proper vet care facilities, etc. In many cases we, in India, get lured by the beauty/attractiveness of a dog breed and keep them in conditions that only makes it worse for the pet. Ignorance, insufficiency of laws are in my opinion to blame.

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      1. Yes…very true. It is a vicious cycle in my opinion. People get attracted by the beauty and physical attractiveness of the foreign breeds. The demand for them shoots up making the breeders try various artificial means to breed the breeds that are in demand. That results in compromised immunity.

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  2. You make an excellent point, Goutam, and one that is frequently overlooked. My cats have all been rescue cats and I’d like to think we gave/are giving them a good life. I really don’t support the idea of breeding specific traits in animals. The results can be very cruel.

    On another topic entirely, thanks so much for you lovely review you left on Amazon for ‘Sextet’. Such kind words!

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    1. Thanks so much Chris. Glad to know you share views similar to mine on breeding animals for specific traits.

      On the review, it’s an absolute pleasure. Really loved the stories and the way you have managed to keep them short without reducing the element of suspense. An absolute reading pleasure. 😊

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