9 thoughts on “Reflection”

    1. Apologies Loku…Your post got jammed in spam box.
      Let me try and summarise for your sake…
      This senryu was in response to the image that is attached. What I meant to convey is the fact that often shadows hold mysteries simply because they are out of sight. In life, when faced with uncertainty, it may be beneficial to stop and reflect ( weigh the pros/cons) before making the next move.
      Hope that makes sense now? 🙂
      Also…please feel free to address me by my 1st name.


      1. Thank you Guatam ji. I agree, we should check pros and cons of our decision before taking action on it.

        Shedows are still mystery for me. We are made of ‘panchtatva’ which creats shadow. Do you think our soul has a shadow ?

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  1. Anything which has a form creates a shadow. Shadows are sometimes larger than the life-form itself; an indication perhaps that all that we think we know, is probably not true and whenever we feel we know a lot, the unknown looms large. A soul is formless and hence cannot create shadow. It can only make its presence felt through the subconscious.


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