28 thoughts on “Encroachment”

      1. Agree. I am sure, there is hope though not sure whether the recovery will happen at the cost of human lives and suffering; just as what has happened during this Covid pandemic. If you come to think of it, nature has seen and sustained it all-from fierce volcanoes to mighty dinosaurs. Through everything, it has evolved and given rise to new lives, new organisms. You and I will vanish one day but this creation of nature will survive. That is how I, with my limited knowledge and understanding, look at it. 😊

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      2. That is a very positive analysis, and true too. You remind me of a scene in the Iliad when Poseidon (god of earthquake) moans to Zeus that the Achaeans have dug a long trench as a barricade against the Trojans, and he complains that they did not even think of making any sacrifices to the gods. And Zeus replies that, oh, it’s nothing compared to your power. The moment they leave the shores after the war, you will EASILY shake up stuff and level it to the heights you wish. Their mark will be erased that no one would ever think it was dug up at all.
        Sorry for such a mythological answer lol, but the point is that Nature ultimately wins! πŸ™‚

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      3. Thank you so much for taking this conversation towards mythology. I sometimes think that our ancestors, world-over, were smarter than us actually. They believed in the power of nature more than we do and in turn tried to do something to keep it content. Looking at it now, with all sorts of things happening in this world, one tends to believe that our forefathers probably did the right thing. 😊

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    1. πŸ˜€ “Ponderfully”….sounds quite nice on the tongue. It’s a new morning for us here in the eastern part of the world. Getting ready to start my day actually. 😊


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