In Panda Land

27 thoughts on “In Panda Land”

    1. Me and my friends rode through this Panda land in the month of January on bikes. That is how I came to know about this Panda land. This species apparently is found in the whole Himalayan tracts of Nepal, Sikkim and North east Bengal. Am glad you enjoyed the piece. Thank you. 😊🙏

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    1. Apparently there are some new evidences put forward by Indian zoologists that say that these two breeds share the same lineage and they seem to have got separated during some climatic changes. Arunachal pradesh seems to the boundary that divides these two breeds. Am not sure though how far these have been proven or what is the basis on which Indian zoologists have made theae claims. There are some serious efforts being done now to preserve these shy creatures. Thank you so much for your warm words of appreciation. 😊🙏

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    1. Thank you so much Dada. Am trying to write a full travelogue of the 7 day trip that we did on rented bikes through the hills of north bengal in January. Let’s see Kobe sesh korte paari and how it turns out. Plan to insert a few of these Haibuns between the chapters or maybe as an ending to a chapter. Nothing concrete yet…just thinking. 😊🙏


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