Impromptu-At The Traffic Lights

15 thoughts on “Impromptu-At The Traffic Lights”

    1. Tank you so much. Yes, I do feel a lot better now than what I was a week back. Have started my morning walks and moving out of the house post the end of quarantine. My sense of smell still hasn’t returned and there is a heaviness in the chest that manifests once in a while when I try to breathe deep. Other than that I seem to be doing ok for the moment.

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    1. Thank you so much. The flash mob seems to be becoming popular amongst the young in India now. My poem is about a beggar girl, who started to dance impromptu when a car came and halted at a traffic crossing. Many times, in India, youngsters drive with windows rolled down and the car stereo blaring some tune. It was one such occasion and the beggar girl started to dance the moment this car came to a stop at the red light. That gave me the idea for this poem. 😊

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