24 thoughts on “Death-Unmasked”

      1. Thank you Suzette. I am doing ok though have been going through a bit of emotional stress for the last couple of months owing to my father’s passing away. He was aged but seeing him suffer was an emotionally painful aspect. Still trying to come to terms with his loss. πŸ™

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    1. Thank you Sadje. I am happy too to be able to be back among friends, to be able to squeeze out some time for doing something that I enjoy. The last couple of months had been quite hectic as well as emotionally draining for me owing to the loss of my father after an extended bout of illness. Trying to get back to normal life slowly. Hope to be able continue writing more frequently now. Thank you once again for a picture prompt that acted as a sort of cleanser for my grieving soul. πŸ™

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