Dreams, desires, aspirations! Shine like stars Against a dark night sky. Some, brighter than others. Some twinkling to attract, Some, almost consumed by the inky darkness, Barely perceptible. They attracted me and I reached out, To hold and own. But like stars, They glowed with fiery intensity And intended to singe those Who sought intimacy. … Continue reading

मेरे पचास

पचास साल पहले देखा था ज़िन्दगी तुझको। मिले थे दोनों जैसे दो अजनबी। चशमा लगा के अब पूछता हूं, बता तुझे जल्दी तो नही मुझसे बिछड़ने की? पचास साल का है रिश्ता तुझसे। कुछ खट्टे कुछ थे ख्वाब मीठे ढूंढ निकाला मेरे लिये तु कितने ही मन बहलाने वाले रिश्ते। गुरु तू था, तेरी पाठशाला, … Continue reading मेरे पचास

Two to a Tango

Who was dancing? Who led the steps? The laser lights danced Hypnotised by her grace! She grooved, she swung, On her toes Like a tornado she spun. And the lights moved in symphony– Moving out and coming back As one, eager to give company. Continue reading Two to a Tango

On the horizon, The earth and the clouds Meet like conspiratorial lovers. Talking in whispers, Far from the prying humans. The earth has complaints; Too many perhaps, Abused as she has been for years. The clouds’ caress, Leaves the earth drenched. A sheet of muddy white, Swamping the earthy green. Continue reading

আজ বৃষ্টি

কখনো বৃষ্টি টাপুর টুপুর গান শোনায় . কখনো বৃষ্টি ঘরে থাকার জেদ করায়ে . কখনো বৃষ্টি মন খারাপ এর কারণ হয় . কখনো বৃষ্টি গান গাওআর  সুর বাঁধায় . কখনো বৃষ্টি ছেলেবেলার নৌকা ভাষায় . কখনো বৃষ্টি এক ছাতার নিচে, ইচ্ছে হয় . বৃষ্টি ভেজা শহর টা আজ অল্শেমি  গায়ে . আজ  বৃষ্টি যেন সুমন … Continue reading আজ বৃষ্টি


Like a child happy to be back home from school, The sun gathers it’s rays in fistfuls And hurls it at the bevy of clouds Waiting at the far horizon. The fistful of sunshine lies splashed against the sky, Its dazzling brilliance Enthralling, Mesmerizing, Hypnotizing, Stunning the clouds Into a state of immobility. From the … Continue reading Shades

The Hammock

I know why the clouds come rushing in! Even the hills cannot pose a barrier To their eagerness And childlike exuberance. They descend in droves, Roll down the slopes of the hills, Sometimes in a trot And at times in a canter. The wind, lending a pair of jogging feet To the clouds As they … Continue reading The Hammock

A Painter par excellence!

The gulmohar tree is a fool. In midst of the mindless clutter, Irresponsible asymmetry, Abusive spread And energy sapping dullness, The gulmohar tree blooms Every spring; As if it wants to show its solidarity, Unlike the unappreciative concrete all around. The gulmohar tree wants to hold back the passing spring. It spreads out its branches … Continue reading A Painter par excellence!

Random musing

When do we sow? What do we reap? What should take precedence? Desires or One’s own conscience? Who knows what is right? Who decides what is right? In a world full of individuals, Who decides who is sane And who has lost his mind? Where do we come from? Where are we destined? Who can … Continue reading Random musing

Changing Times

The highland lass doesn’t sing anymore. She spews profanities instead As she stands by the road. The Road! It stands out like a black scar, As it runs in from the horizon far, Dissecting the highland and Devouring the meadows green. The road is the recipient Of her curse. For like an enticing Apsara, It … Continue reading Changing Times