After the rains, the autumn sky, Sparkling azure And speckled with wispy, wafer-thin clouds, Herald a season of joy, A season of worship and festivities. It’s that time of the year again, When the Goddess would descend From her heavenly abode To joy of the earth’s residents. Carrier of the Goddess, Her consort and part … Continue reading Folklore

Spirit of endurance

My cocooned world! Where my needs find Constant attention. Filling me With love and affection. Paying attention to My incoherent modulations. Singing a lullaby To ease my frustrations. Welcoming meWith boundless enthusiasm. In this world of Seemingly unfathomable expanse, She is my beacon, Providing the necessary guidance. My existence I owe, To her spirit of … Continue reading Spirit of endurance


Eyes towards the sky, In fervent prayers, Wishing for be consummated By all pervading nature. “If you are the giver, Then please be the taker”, Was the prayer. “This life of mine Is past its prime, Of no use now to anyone. Let me now crumble, Merge with your elements.” The building Which, till yesterday, … Continue reading Repossess


End of the road. No, not the end of the world but certainly the last bastion! Border! Divided by man, A country gives way to another beyond the hills yonder! This No Man’s land; Forced to be left vacant, is the theatre! Here nature rules the roost and spectacle unfolds, as per nature’s whims and … Continue reading Unhindered

Nostalgia of Rain

Stubborn rain! Comes in torrents, Whenever I am On my way to work! Laden, heavy with water, The raindrops pelt hard, Threatening to tear the umbrella cover, Before sliding down In frustrated demeanour. Aided by the boisterous breeze, Sometimes the rain attempts to swing in; Spraying my face, My clothes, As if they have something … Continue reading Nostalgia of Rain


With great care, Someone nurtures The blip of life; Tenuous, unsure. Then one day, The blip grows larger, Pushing at the boundary, Exerting its authority. The first boundary is then crossed. A beginning. An addition To the family. A home is fulfilled. Continue reading Beginning

If Only…

If only we could Turn the wheels back. Move back from today, To the times left back yesterday. If only for once Could the wheels be reversed! Ah! To savour that bliss once more, Which childhood had for us in store. Alas! Moving unidirectionally forward; Wheels designed by the Creator. The past is left back, … Continue reading If Only…


My thoughts finally relent! White, the colour of truce they offer, Arms outstretched, Beckoning for acceptance! No longer they will rebel; They seem to convey. No longer will they stray. Chained they would remain, To the mundane drudgery of everyday. A rebel’s thoughts will henceforth, Not sully or smear A canvas, No outpouring of emotions; … Continue reading Surrender

A Song

When thoughts race; Breaking out of boundaries, Crossing barriers of time, Swamped by memories. Words then seek an outlet and A song is born inside the head. When feelings overwhelm; Anger Wells, Craving to set right, All the wrongs one sees committed. Words then seek an outlet and A song is born inside the head. … Continue reading A Song