All is quiet-During Covid times

To roost in the city, silence has come; from the hills and far-flung hamlets, From forests and within the ocean’s depths, From the distant horizon And earth’s edges, From the vast desert stretches, From cold polar continents From ruins in history’s pages. Like a maiden bedecked in her finest, She comes; Dress the colour of … Continue reading All is quiet-During Covid times


My verandah is basking in sunshine; Sunshine that feels like melted butter today, That which falls over everything In a joyous whoop! It wants to submerge everything With unbridled exuberance, Warm, playful, extrovert sunshine, Like a lover’s passionate impatience, Like a child’s unabashed playfulness, Falling over my shoulders, Running all over my face, Happy to … Continue reading Togetherness

The pensive Spring

On the road I was, travelling, When I encountered spring In the guise of a boy, Sitting on a roadside park’s railing; He was, perhaps contemplating- These shrubs here, Will bear the champa flowers! Back from work when Malati comes, In her hair she will weave, some. And where are the marigold plants? Orange and … Continue reading The pensive Spring

On Ode…to winter.

They got acquainted in an office picnic. Under the mellow winter sun, their romance bloomed. When the cuckoo sang notes of welcome to spring. “An ode to winter”, they etched on their wedding rings! Copyright reserved @ Goutam Dutta #straightfromtheheartpoetryGD #HuesoflifepoetryGD Continue reading On Ode…to winter.

Delaying justice

As the reddish orange tongues of flames leapt up hungrily, Eager to feel and taste the cold human flesh. The murderer felt a thrill coursing his veins. Justice, he knew for sure, would now be delayed! Copyright reserved@Goutam Dutta #straightfromtheheartpoetryGD #huesoflifepoetryGD   Continue reading Delaying justice


#1 The shower had stopped and the raindrops hung from wires and leaves Swinging gently in the breeze, unsure of the new surroundings, loath to making new commitments to the world below. #2 Spring came with it’s commitment to spread warmth and cheer. It impregnated the air with love, awoke the cuckoo and reached the … Continue reading Commitment