The person inside my head; His dreams, aspirations. His plans, ambitions. His wants and desire. His perceptions, belief. His abilities, confidence. Does it ever change? The harsh reality; Impacting daily. Battering constantly; Like the ocean waves. Shaking foundations; Akin to ravages of an earthquake. Pragmatism, Wears off the sheen, Of the person inside the head; … Continue reading Broken


“Do you believe in life after death”, I asked, more with the intent of breaking the grip of silence that seemed to tighten its hold every minute. “Yes, certainly”, said he. “It is a cycle…birth, death and rebirth. Every day, many souls journey across space, passing from one realm to the next. Only a few … Continue reading Spectacle

Beginnings and Endings

Books, they say, are companions par excellence. They speak a language that the heart loves and the mind accepts. They have a world, waiting to be explored. They have the power to sway moods, captivate, leave a child wide-eyed in wonder and doubting-Is this really true? It is all about books… Begin the quest for … Continue reading Beginnings and Endings


This society; Claustrophobic, Squeezes, Imposes, Restrains, A rat race to run, Wealth, fame entices, Living for the moment, Tomorrow’s not anyone’s headache. Tensed existence; Laboured breath, Pain and distress, Anxiety, stress, No time to waste, Ladder of success, Expectations wait On bated breath. Years of existence; Sans emotion, Mechanical motion, A coiled spring Reacting to … Continue reading Breathe-Easy


Someone’s presence is so often taken for granted. The chatter, the tone, the poise, substance all define character of an individual. Over years our conversations build bridges, shapes relationships, fuels ambitions, invokes sentiments, range of emotions. Then, one day, everything falls silent. All that is left behind are, memories, longing, regret and so many things-unsaid. … Continue reading Parting


Destination; Just a point. Journey; A span, Length, Distance, Confusing often With its complexity, Individuality, Identity, Obstructions, Digressions. Calling for Resilience, Intelligence, Patience, Focus. In the end however, All that remains Are footprints; Of a journey Worthy of emulation. Copyright @ Goutam Continue reading Journey