Silhouetted against the evening sky That was rapidly changing shades; From vivid yellow to Shades of grey, He sat. In his hand he held balloons Fitted with twinkling lights; Lights that blinked; Sometimes slow, Sometimes rapid, Evidently to soar A child’s spirit. The balloon seller boy Gaped at the balloons with pride and admiration. The … Continue reading Ambition

Fairies-No More

Fairies and witches. Goblins and elfs. Kings and queens. Childhood dreams. Prince and Princess. Captivity in castles. Dragons and Demons. Grandma’s tales, rapt attention. The childhood is Now but a memory. Growing up is, but a chore. Reality has, other things in store.   Copyright @ Goutam Dutta Eugi’s Weekly Word Prompt – “Fairy” August … Continue reading Fairies-No More