Reflection-on turning 50

Our encounter dear life, fifty years back, Was an appointment between two strangers. Today, after fifty years, I feel bound to admit That, I am honoured by your kinship.   It has been an association of fifty years- Of moments sour and sweet. In these years, you have helped me secure A lifetime’s worth of … Continue reading Reflection-on turning 50

Transition-A Limerick

Said the egg to the hen- “When I existed, where were you then?” Hen-“When the rooster took me out on a date, You were a thought within my head. With time, thought crystallised, transition happened.” Copyright @ Goutam Dutta The Chicken and egg situation is well known and while mulling over a related matter, this … Continue reading Transition-A Limerick

She danced

In the deserts, Life is tough. The arid landscape Seems to lie in wait For centuries; Famished, Parched, Bereft, Desperate For nourishment. In absence of water, It elicits tears And sweat, Drawing out the tiniest fraction of moisture From every human breath.   She had survived; Those little girl  years lived In the vicinity of … Continue reading She danced

#FOWC Designed to contemplate

Nature- Independent, self sustaining, Omnipresent, Changes hues, Intensifies or Pacified, Fierce or mellow, Creates and Destroys. By whose design? Human designs- intricate and complex, Innovations proudly displayed, Technology Designs to simplify things, Supposedly complex. Yet; Unable to comprehend Designs of the human minds! No machines yet designed, To calibrate worth of human values like Empathy, … Continue reading #FOWC Designed to contemplate

#Limerick Puppy tale

The road adjacent my house has a stray Indie puppy. With a coat that is brown and all fluffy. Every time he sees me walking past, Out he would come, running fast. Then he would flip and show me his smooth tummy!   In India, we are a one billion strong population and life just … Continue reading #Limerick Puppy tale


Silhouetted against the evening sky That was rapidly changing shades; From vivid yellow to Shades of grey, He sat. In his hand he held balloons Fitted with twinkling lights; Lights that blinked; Sometimes slow, Sometimes rapid, Evidently to soar A child’s spirit. The balloon seller boy Gaped at the balloons with pride and admiration. The … Continue reading Ambition

Fairies-No More

Fairies and witches. Goblins and elfs. Kings and queens. Childhood dreams. Prince and Princess. Captivity in castles. Dragons and Demons. Grandma’s tales, rapt attention. The childhood is Now but a memory. Growing up is, but a chore. Reality has, other things in store.   Copyright @ Goutam Dutta Eugi’s Weekly Word Prompt – “Fairy” August … Continue reading Fairies-No More