Goutam Dutta

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Sonika Agarwal – Unsplash Autumn Season of fall Few fallen leaves cling to us… We carry the memories.? Lockdown during pandemic Lockdown… Hospital full of Corona patients Empty local train.? Re-opening post 2nd wave Post lockdown…. Swimming towards morning walkers Fishes at the lake.? Twilight hues Vibrant twilight hues…… Continue reading Goutam Dutta

An Update

My dear friends from the community. Just wanted to post a quick update on the reason for my silence for a week or more now. The dreaded Covid caught up with me on the 26th/27th march and after struggling with home isolation and the fever showing no signs of coming down, I had to be … Continue reading An Update

Winter in the city of Kolkata | Goutam Dutta — Whispers and Echoes

The knotted tie peeping through the buttoned jacket front. Muffler clad figures old and young, Inhaling the polluted air, stand under the timorous sun.   Winter in the city of Kolkata Heralds a merry time for the folks. Buoyed by the Yuletide spirit, The hawker at the traffic signal Tries selling red Santa caps to […] … Continue reading Winter in the city of Kolkata | Goutam Dutta — Whispers and Echoes

Goutam Dutta

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pxhere.com Indian summer? Fallen leaves, yellowed.Hot winds blast during the day.Sweet Mangoes beckon. Festival of Colours-Holi? Hues of fire on trees.Festival of hues on cheeks.Pristine moonlit night. Monsoon Hues-India? Wet stray on road,Searching for shelter from rain.Thunderclaps exhort. An entry in Lockdown Dairy? Bare roads, sans human.Nature sets up… Continue reading Goutam Dutta

The Shooting Star

The Shooting Star…In Love LUNA Travelling through space, The earth seemed such a beautiful place. A ball of azure, With smudges of green And wispy, swirling white in between. It never grew dark there; Patches of black always interspersed With millions of flickering light Just like it had it’s own stars. Travelling through the dark … Continue reading The Shooting Star

Divine rhapsody

LUNA Notes Of music Floated in air. Radha’s Eyes, heart, Impatience they bear. Kanha, His flute, Calling his love. Teasing, Ceaselessly calling To Yamuna’s bank. On Yamuna’s bank, Kanha’s flute wooed. Radha And Krishna, In lover’s rendezvous. Enchanted, Radha stood, Leaning on Murari. Heavens Then reverberated, With Love’s rhapsody. Copyright reserved @ Goutam Duttahttps://wordpress.com/view/straightfromtheheartgd.com Goutam … Continue reading Divine rhapsody