Come let’s go! Floating on aspirations, Armed with determination, Beliefs for company. The turbulent times may attempt, To keel or capsize, Browbeat or terrorise. Irrespective of adversity, Surpassing obstacles, Move ahead. Move ahead! Leaving behind, Roaring rapids, That threaten to sweep, Hurtle and tumble, Or leave off-balance. On even keel Maintain steady progress. Maintain steady … Continue reading Peace


The person inside my head; His dreams, aspirations. His plans, ambitions. His wants and desire. His perceptions, belief. His abilities, confidence. Does it ever change? The harsh reality; Impacting daily. Battering constantly; Like the ocean waves. Shaking foundations; Akin to ravages of an earthquake. Pragmatism, Wears off the sheen, Of the person inside the head; … Continue reading Broken