Begone Oh Twilight…

Oh twilight! Why have you decided To prolong your display today? Why do you want to tempt the world With your hues today? Can’t you just disappear and Let the night take over? Your hues today are in any case, Not brighter than the hues I wear this evening; The pink of my lips The … Continue reading Begone Oh Twilight…

The Child Within

Creations are always precious. Every creator puts his mind and soul into creating the most unique thing. A child’s beauty is unparalleled. Pristine and unsullied his innocence draws admiration and adulation. A child is a bundle of joy, who must be nurtured to spread joy all around. Alas! The demons of desire and selfishness are … Continue reading The Child Within

Voice From The Sky

Some things never age. They remain embedded in our thoughts and prove their existence from time to time on some pretext or the other. We value them. We value their sudden intrusions in our lives, probably because they are associated with something worthwhile from our past. Memories are what we gather throughout our lives; picking … Continue reading Voice From The Sky

Comfort in Contrast

This is a story! A happy story? Perhaps! There is so much poverty around. Does poverty and happiness go together? Well, it certainly isn’t the prerogative of only the rich. Contrasts are a reality! A way of life! Happy and sad, rich and poor, night and day co-existing together Makes for a pretty picture. They … Continue reading Comfort in Contrast

Nature Unlocks

My verandah is basking in sunshine; Sunshine that feels like molten butter, That which flows freely In its desire to reach out and swamp everything With unbridled exuberance. Warm, playful, extrovert sunshine, Like a lover’s passionate impatience, Like a child’s unabashed playfulness, Falling over my shoulders, Running all over my face, Happy to have found … Continue reading Nature Unlocks


It had been a delightful dinner, A hearty meal topped with some interesting conversations Leaving one satiated. After all isn’t that what friends are for? You spend time with them To be left with happiness, lingering like an aftertaste for many days thereafter.   Picking our choice of desserts We had just returned back From … Continue reading Sacrifice


The open door, Wafting fragrance of freedom beckons. In her veins, Freedom-the coursing blood. The tears Taste different today, A taste of exuberance, perhaps? Outside Freedom resides- in the darkness of the night, In the somnolence of the multitude, In the empty alleys and streets. Today, it seems to be everywhere. It seems to be … Continue reading Stupor

Journey with Astrology

Planetary pull, With an aim to rule, Interfering in our lives, Since our birth as a child. The subject of astrology; Complex and at times perplexing, Talk of energy of celestial bodies Defining and directing Destiny of the human being. So there is Jupiter casting a benign spell. While Saturn, cold and ominous, may be … Continue reading Journey with Astrology