Comfort in Contrast

This is a story! A happy story? Perhaps! There is so much poverty around. Does poverty and happiness go together? Well, it certainly isn’t the prerogative of only the rich. Contrasts are a reality! A way of life! Happy and sad, rich and poor, night and day co-existing together Makes for a pretty picture. They … Continue reading Comfort in Contrast


The open door, Wafting fragrance of freedom beckons. In her veins, Freedom-the coursing blood. The tears Taste different today, A taste of exuberance, perhaps? Outside Freedom resides- in the darkness of the night, In the somnolence of the multitude, In the empty alleys and streets. Today, it seems to be everywhere. It seems to be … Continue reading Stupor

Obnoxious hunger

Initially it had resided Inside the belly; Like a niggling pain, A discomfort That needed to be attended, prompt. Humans learnt that this was called hunger- A manifestation of the body to recharge by drawing nutrients From natural substances And sustain itself. For some, this daily discomfort, This recurring pain Became an irritant That needed … Continue reading Obnoxious hunger


He was the odd one out! Sitting by the roadside, Day and night. Defying the weather One could always find him With his dirty, smelly clothes And two large dark eyes shining through a tangled mess of grey hair and beard. He sat with his eyes always glued To a newspaper. God alone knew what … Continue reading Odd

#FOWC Designed to contemplate

Nature- Independent, self sustaining, Omnipresent, Changes hues, Intensifies or Pacified, Fierce or mellow, Creates and Destroys. By whose design? Human designs- intricate and complex, Innovations proudly displayed, Technology Designs to simplify things, Supposedly complex. Yet; Unable to comprehend Designs of the human minds! No machines yet designed, To calibrate worth of human values like Empathy, … Continue reading #FOWC Designed to contemplate