We Walk On

Conversations! Yours and mine. Continues Even to this day. A lifetime of memories, So much to discuss. Every word Spins off a thought. Some more words; Spoken words, Some gestures, Knowing smiles and Comforting touch. Words carry us; Footfalls upon dewy grass. Twigs snap below our feet. Time elapses. Surrounding mist Soft on our shoulders. … Continue reading We Walk On

Our Earthly Life

A single cell, Latching on to another. Then begins the process of building A complex net. Multiple cells Latching on to each other, Interconnected, Chaos within a boundary, Orderly chaos-perhaps? Within this chaos, Life throbs, thrives, Picks up ideas, images, Leading to some more chaos In thought process, In relationships, Generation of stereotypes, Fixated notions. … Continue reading Our Earthly Life


Always on the road his son was. The road; Which lay outside the village Like a thick black serpent. A serpent that everyday devoured some young man from the village And spat him out In the cauldron of the nearby town. Today, the old man is happy. His son is back home, Here to stay … Continue reading Homecoming

Life- Of Varied Shades

Colours swirl inside my head. Colours adorn my dreams at daybreak. Colours are my companion of dusk. They swirl in reflection, inside the tea-cup.   Colours in a maiden’s heart I vie for. Colours of youth, vivid and full of spark. Friendships of hues that liven up existence. Green bucks to earn, for sake of … Continue reading Life- Of Varied Shades

An evening on a beach

The breeze today; Impetuous and whimsical, Like a boisterous child, goes prancing and running, Swinging and swaying, With short bursts of energy, All over the sea beach.   It pulls and tugs, At clothes and shrugs, Inviting peals of laughter, Aiming for a girl’s hat thereafter.   Then all of a sudden There is a … Continue reading An evening on a beach


The rain beats down; Faster than the speed At which the wiper works. Images blur, It is twilight and the streetlights Form a halo around the raindrops. Buffeted by strong winds, Umbrellas bend. The rain today, is wild and unfettered. Prancing, swiftly racing, Endeavouring to touch, Drench everyone To the core of their heart! People … Continue reading Home


He was the odd one out! Sitting by the roadside, Day and night. Defying the weather One could always find him With his dirty, smelly clothes And two large dark eyes shining through a tangled mess of grey hair and beard. He sat with his eyes always glued To a newspaper. God alone knew what … Continue reading Odd