Tree of Life

Standing bare, naked, Must have brought a sense of shame. Its days of glory were long gone. The layer of plaster that once was, Hung loosely, chipped in patches; Having lost the battle With nature’s elements since long. The bare skeleton of the house, Stood at the street corner. Dark, desolate, lonely, Devoid of life. … Continue reading Tree of Life

#Limerick Puppy tale

The road adjacent my house has a stray Indie puppy. With a coat that is brown and all fluffy. Every time he sees me walking past, Out he would come, running fast. Then he would flip and show me his smooth tummy!   In India, we are a one billion strong population and life just … Continue reading #Limerick Puppy tale


Silhouetted against the evening sky That was rapidly changing shades; From vivid yellow to Shades of grey, He sat. In his hand he held balloons Fitted with twinkling lights; Lights that blinked; Sometimes slow, Sometimes rapid, Evidently to soar A child’s spirit. The balloon seller boy Gaped at the balloons with pride and admiration. The … Continue reading Ambition