On some days, Thoughts come to haunt me. They come riding on wings Of the dry autumn breeze That is laced with snowy chill. Scattering the fallen yellowed leaves it comes, Kindling bygone days. My mind then goes into a whirl. Like waves of a turbulent sea, Memories rush in Crashing with fury Hurting, Stinging … Continue reading Repentance

We Walk On

Conversations! Yours and mine. Continues Even to this day. A lifetime of memories, So much to discuss. Every word Spins off a thought. Some more words; Spoken words, Some gestures, Knowing smiles and Comforting touch. Words carry us; Footfalls upon dewy grass. Twigs snap below our feet. Time elapses. Surrounding mist Soft on our shoulders. … Continue reading We Walk On


Faceless, Formless, Lost in time, Full of emptiness- That is death. Only memories; Of what had been once, Happiness, Beauty, Colour, Liveliness. The bare truth; Of instantaneous existence, Of conclusiveness, Of human frailness, Stands exposed, Unmasked. Copyright @ Goutam Continue reading Death-Unmasked

Grandma’s sweater

It’s been a year now since grandma left us. Surrounded by her son, daughter in law and her grandsons, she folded her hands to acknowledge everyone and then, she was gone. Amidst the hectic activity that followed for a few days thereafter, I was largely ignored. There were guests who came in to meet my … Continue reading Grandma’s sweater

Memories of Paris

“Hi! Is that the Eiffel tower that can be seen from the balcony of my hotel room”? “Oui c’est le cas!” The lady at the reception probably sensed my bewilderment and realised her mistake. “Yes, It is! Is this your first time to Paris?” “Yes! I am on a short official visit to one of … Continue reading Memories of Paris

Voice From The Sky

Some things never age. They remain embedded in our thoughts and prove their existence from time to time on some pretext or the other. We value them. We value their sudden intrusions in our lives, probably because they are associated with something worthwhile from our past. Memories are what we gather throughout our lives; picking … Continue reading Voice From The Sky