A Companion in The Journey

Such is life; Like walking along a road- Sometimes fast Sometimes slow. To enjoy the journey at one’s own pace. In nature’s beauty, finding solace. A brief stop, mesmerised by the beauty. The setting sun spreading its glow, fiery. Propelled by hope Of a brighter tomorrow. Walk on, Unmindful of the contours, high or low. … Continue reading A Companion in The Journey


Eyes towards the sky, In fervent prayers, Wishing for be consummated By all pervading nature. “If you are the giver, Then please be the taker”, Was the prayer. “This life of mine Is past its prime, Of no use now to anyone. Let me now crumble, Merge with your elements.” The building Which, till yesterday, … Continue reading Repossess


End of the road. No, not the end of the world but certainly the last bastion! Border! Divided by man, A country gives way to another beyond the hills yonder! This No Man’s land; Forced to be left vacant, is the theatre! Here nature rules the roost and spectacle unfolds, as per nature’s whims and … Continue reading Unhindered


Lapping, gurgling, Constantly flowing. Boundless energy. Water, a gift to humanity. In mountains high, Pristine white. Speaking through raindrops, On leafy boughs and rooftops. Devoid of colour, In spirit a wanderer. A form, a shape, In stagnation, am forced to take. From oceans to the sky, Everywhere I reside. Recycled by nature, This planet I … Continue reading Nurturer


A piece of sky; Sparkling, azure, Having been scrubbed clean By the clouds, Strung itself From horizon to horizon, to dry. It’s beauty, Stopped the brook On its track; Forming a pool Just by my shack. The clear waters Of the pool, Now mirror the mountains Which bore the brook. The pristine pool A wonderstruck … Continue reading Halted

Let’s Go..

Come! Let’s go! Leaving the keys on the door. Leaving the gadgets dead and cold. Leaving the sun rays to come in Through the open curtains And stroll; Filling the niches And the darkness Hiding in corners. Come! Let’s go! There.. Where awaits a slice of happiness. Where nature awaits To take us in its … Continue reading Let’s Go..


The river; Flowing at its pace, Criss-crossing Through miles of land, Ends in the sea. The sea; with all the wealth That the river brings from the land Merges with the ocean. The ocean, Despite its vastness, Is not content. Wants more of the share of land. It connives, With the sun, the wind. Generating … Continue reading Network

Fury of Nature

Is it in the nature of nature to be heartless? It’s fury, at times, unleashed on the world causes untold misery, destruction and death. Where does it hide all its anger? At what depths under the ground or peaks of mountain reaching up to the sky does it brew? Under which heavenly bodies’ influence does … Continue reading Fury of Nature