On every wrist, Time on a strap. Movements of people, Constrained by time’s leash. Time was the master, Commanding and holding sway, Doling out favours To those who obeyed. So it was a partnership. Between time and society’s famous, rich. A few however strode a different path. Slipping out of time’s vice-like grip. These handful … Continue reading Time


Come let’s go! Floating on aspirations, Armed with determination, Beliefs for company. The turbulent times may attempt, To keel or capsize, Browbeat or terrorise. Irrespective of adversity, Surpassing obstacles, Move ahead. Move ahead! Leaving behind, Roaring rapids, That threaten to sweep, Hurtle and tumble, Or leave off-balance. On even keel Maintain steady progress. Maintain steady … Continue reading Peace


Goodbye, farewell! I leave behind civilisation, To travel This road. This road; The sole connection To a place, More beautiful than everything That I leave behind. This road; A journey into unknown. Yet a journey in quest Of freedom, Of relief, Of bliss, Of rest. A journey which, all through these years The soul has … Continue reading Departure