In Nature’s Lap

Is this what can be a home? A rocky bed In the midst of a sea? Beneath the open sky Exposed to nature’s elements Can humans truly survive? Why have we humans For centuries strived To shield us From this openness? Why have we tried to cover us From nature’s elements? Building stronger barricades Erecting … Continue reading In Nature’s Lap

A Child at The Taj

There stood the monument, poetry carved out in marble and emitting mesmerising music when twilight hues play on it. The shades at twilight bathing the white marble in its hues had such a sublime effect that one couldn’t help but stand gaping at the monument. The monument dedicated to memory of the emperor’s love for … Continue reading A Child at The Taj

My Words..

Those words, Already seemed stale, fetid, Begging for a release. Trapped inside the numerous folds Of the brain, They craved for fresh air; To be heard, Understood, Caressed by lips, Loved by hearts, Other than mine.   So I set them free, To blow in the wind, Floating with the breeze, Dangling on strings Outside … Continue reading My Words..

Begone Oh Twilight…

Oh twilight! Why have you decided To prolong your display today? Why do you want to tempt the world With your hues today? Can’t you just disappear and Let the night take over? Your hues today are in any case, Not brighter than the hues I wear this evening; The pink of my lips The … Continue reading Begone Oh Twilight…