Man has travelled everywhere- From depths of the Pacific, To the vast emptiness of space, His footprint on lunar surface, Even beyond Pluto, his eyes gaze. The tiniest of organism, Cannot stay undetected. Man’s curiosity seeks them out, Under microscope they are then dissected. Tomes of information, Under command of one’s finger. Often high on … Continue reading Assistance


It has always been a life of hardship for him and his family. Nothing came easy, nothing was gained without eliciting a fair degree of struggle and effort. Everything enticing always seemed to beckon, though from the other side. In between there was always a barrier-a gate. When would the time come when gates would … Continue reading Blocked


It had been a delightful dinner, A hearty meal topped with some interesting conversations Leaving one satiated. After all isn’t that what friends are for? You spend time with them To be left with happiness, lingering like an aftertaste for many days thereafter.   Picking our choice of desserts We had just returned back From … Continue reading Sacrifice