Severing Connection with Civilisation

Not a sound can penetrate; The veil of silence Meshed intricately with the green forest cover is tough to break. Only the twitter of birds reverberates within the dome of green Stretching overhead. Hushed voices here, Seem appropriate. Letting the soul to converse With nature’s elements. Burn that newspaper! Shut off the phone! Farewell to … Continue reading Severing Connection with Civilisation


A small colony; In a relatively smaller town of India. A child, reprimanded by his parents: “Look at your brother”, his father says. “Brilliant guy, 6 pointer in school final exams. He, unlike you, has a bright future. Why can’t you learn something from him”? A shoe; he is expected to fill Appears too big! … Continue reading Fitment

Random Thoughts

If failures are the pillars of success, why are they looked upon with disdain? Who sits on judgment on a person’s failure? When will the world take cognizance of non-conformists? Why do rules framed by majority castigate the select few who are happy to just survive? Isn’t survival enough? What is the key to contentment? … Continue reading Random Thoughts

We Walk On

Conversations! Yours and mine. Continues Even to this day. A lifetime of memories, So much to discuss. Every word Spins off a thought. Some more words; Spoken words, Some gestures, Knowing smiles and Comforting touch. Words carry us; Footfalls upon dewy grass. Twigs snap below our feet. Time elapses. Surrounding mist Soft on our shoulders. … Continue reading We Walk On


After the rains, the autumn sky, Sparkling azure And speckled with wispy, wafer-thin clouds, Herald a season of joy, A season of worship and festivities. It’s that time of the year again, When the Goddess would descend From her heavenly abode To joy of the earth’s residents. Carrier of the Goddess, Her consort and part … Continue reading Folklore


Eyes towards the sky, In fervent prayers, Wishing for be consummated By all pervading nature. “If you are the giver, Then please be the taker”, Was the prayer. “This life of mine Is past its prime, Of no use now to anyone. Let me now crumble, Merge with your elements.” The building Which, till yesterday, … Continue reading Repossess


With great care, Someone nurtures The blip of life; Tenuous, unsure. Then one day, The blip grows larger, Pushing at the boundary, Exerting its authority. The first boundary is then crossed. A beginning. An addition To the family. A home is fulfilled. Continue reading Beginning


Come let’s go! Floating on aspirations, Armed with determination, Beliefs for company. The turbulent times may attempt, To keel or capsize, Browbeat or terrorise. Irrespective of adversity, Surpassing obstacles, Move ahead. Move ahead! Leaving behind, Roaring rapids, That threaten to sweep, Hurtle and tumble, Or leave off-balance. On even keel Maintain steady progress. Maintain steady … Continue reading Peace


This society; Claustrophobic, Squeezes, Imposes, Restrains, A rat race to run, Wealth, fame entices, Living for the moment, Tomorrow’s not anyone’s headache. Tensed existence; Laboured breath, Pain and distress, Anxiety, stress, No time to waste, Ladder of success, Expectations wait On bated breath. Years of existence; Sans emotion, Mechanical motion, A coiled spring Reacting to … Continue reading Breathe-Easy