Journey with Astrology

Planetary pull, With an aim to rule, Interfering in our lives, Since our birth as a child. The subject of astrology; Complex and at times perplexing, Talk of energy of celestial bodies Defining and directing Destiny of the human being. So there is Jupiter casting a benign spell. While Saturn, cold and ominous, may be … Continue reading Journey with Astrology

Our Earthly Life

A single cell, Latching on to another. Then begins the process of building A complex net. Multiple cells Latching on to each other, Interconnected, Chaos within a boundary, Orderly chaos-perhaps? Within this chaos, Life throbs, thrives, Picks up ideas, images, Leading to some more chaos In thought process, In relationships, Generation of stereotypes, Fixated notions. … Continue reading Our Earthly Life


Always on the road his son was. The road; Which lay outside the village Like a thick black serpent. A serpent that everyday devoured some young man from the village And spat him out In the cauldron of the nearby town. Today, the old man is happy. His son is back home, Here to stay … Continue reading Homecoming

Life- Of Varied Shades

Colours swirl inside my head. Colours adorn my dreams at daybreak. Colours are my companion of dusk. They swirl in reflection, inside the tea-cup.   Colours in a maiden’s heart I vie for. Colours of youth, vivid and full of spark. Friendships of hues that liven up existence. Green bucks to earn, for sake of … Continue reading Life- Of Varied Shades


There is a heaven! The one that we always dream of. Somewhere in that azure sky, Where the milky white cottony clouds float about; Sometimes tinged golden by the sun Or in shades of pink and purple at dusk. There is a heaven that we all dream of, Aspire for, Want to be part of. … Continue reading Aspiration