Lapping, gurgling, Constantly flowing. Boundless energy. Water, a gift to humanity. In mountains high, Pristine white. Speaking through raindrops, On leafy boughs and rooftops. Devoid of colour, In spirit a wanderer. A form, a shape, In stagnation, am forced to take. From oceans to the sky, Everywhere I reside. Recycled by nature, This planet I … Continue reading Nurturer

She danced

In the deserts, Life is tough. The arid landscape Seems to lie in wait For centuries; Famished, Parched, Bereft, Desperate For nourishment. In absence of water, It elicits tears And sweat, Drawing out the tiniest fraction of moisture From every human breath. ¬† She had survived; Those little girl ¬†years lived In the vicinity of … Continue reading She danced