It had been a delightful dinner, A hearty meal topped with some interesting conversations Leaving one satiated. After all isn’t that what friends are for? You spend time with them To be left with happiness, lingering like an aftertaste for many days thereafter.   Picking our choice of desserts We had just returned back From … Continue reading Sacrifice


The open door, Wafting fragrance of freedom beckons. In her veins, Freedom-the coursing blood. The tears Taste different today, A taste of exuberance, perhaps? Outside Freedom resides- in the darkness of the night, In the somnolence of the multitude, In the empty alleys and streets. Today, it seems to be everywhere. It seems to be … Continue reading Stupor

Sands of Time

Grains of time in a jar Each one etched with a memory, Precious moments of mine. When it is therefore time to go How can I leave them behind? Away I wish to carry my moments On the eternal journey of mine!   Stop there will you please mere mortal? No one has ever Been … Continue reading Sands of Time


Always on the road his son was. The road; Which lay outside the village Like a thick black serpent. A serpent that everyday devoured some young man from the village And spat him out In the cauldron of the nearby town. Today, the old man is happy. His son is back home, Here to stay … Continue reading Homecoming

Life- Of Varied Shades

Colours swirl inside my head. Colours adorn my dreams at daybreak. Colours are my companion of dusk. They swirl in reflection, inside the tea-cup.   Colours in a maiden’s heart I vie for. Colours of youth, vivid and full of spark. Friendships of hues that liven up existence. Green bucks to earn, for sake of … Continue reading Life- Of Varied Shades

She danced

In the deserts, Life is tough. The arid landscape Seems to lie in wait For centuries; Famished, Parched, Bereft, Desperate For nourishment. In absence of water, It elicits tears And sweat, Drawing out the tiniest fraction of moisture From every human breath.   She had survived; Those little girl  years lived In the vicinity of … Continue reading She danced