A Companion in The Journey

Such is life; Like walking along a road- Sometimes fast Sometimes slow. To enjoy the journey at one’s own pace. In nature’s beauty, finding solace. A brief stop, mesmerised by the beauty. The setting sun spreading its glow, fiery. Propelled by hope Of a brighter tomorrow. Walk on, Unmindful of the contours, high or low. … Continue reading A Companion in The Journey


Goodbye, farewell! I leave behind civilisation, To travel This road. This road; The sole connection To a place, More beautiful than everything That I leave behind. This road; A journey into unknown. Yet a journey in quest Of freedom, Of relief, Of bliss, Of rest. A journey which, all through these years The soul has … Continue reading Departure


Destination; Just a point. Journey; A span, Length, Distance, Confusing often With its complexity, Individuality, Identity, Obstructions, Digressions. Calling for Resilience, Intelligence, Patience, Focus. In the end however, All that remains Are footprints; Of a journey Worthy of emulation. Copyright @ Goutam Continue reading Journey


An arduous task it was; Surviving the harsh winter night. Seeking refuge, In an abandoned, crumbling house The poor man desperately craved For some warmth as a shroud. Lying on bare cold floor, devoid of warmth, He cried aloud, Cursed the winds That found the gaps And speared his torso. Tormented by hunger and cold, … Continue reading Coping


Faceless, Formless, Lost in time, Full of emptiness- That is death. Only memories; Of what had been once, Happiness, Beauty, Colour, Liveliness. The bare truth; Of instantaneous existence, Of conclusiveness, Of human frailness, Stands exposed, Unmasked. Copyright @ Goutam Continue reading Death-Unmasked


The river; Flowing at its pace, Criss-crossing Through miles of land, Ends in the sea. The sea; with all the wealth That the river brings from the land Merges with the ocean. The ocean, Despite its vastness, Is not content. Wants more of the share of land. It connives, With the sun, the wind. Generating … Continue reading Network

An evening on a beach

The breeze today; Impetuous and whimsical, Like a boisterous child, goes prancing and running, Swinging and swaying, With short bursts of energy, All over the sea beach.   It pulls and tugs, At clothes and shrugs, Inviting peals of laughter, Aiming for a girl’s hat thereafter.   Then all of a sudden There is a … Continue reading An evening on a beach


The rain beats down; Faster than the speed At which the wiper works. Images blur, It is twilight and the streetlights Form a halo around the raindrops. Buffeted by strong winds, Umbrellas bend. The rain today, is wild and unfettered. Prancing, swiftly racing, Endeavouring to touch, Drench everyone To the core of their heart! People … Continue reading Home