An evening on a beach

The breeze today; Impetuous and whimsical, Like a boisterous child, goes prancing and running, Swinging and swaying, With short bursts of energy, All over the sea beach.   It pulls and tugs, At clothes and shrugs, Inviting peals of laughter, Aiming for a girl’s hat thereafter.   Then all of a sudden There is a … Continue reading An evening on a beach


The rain beats down; Faster than the speed At which the wiper works. Images blur, It is twilight and the streetlights Form a halo around the raindrops. Buffeted by strong winds, Umbrellas bend. The rain today, is wild and unfettered. Prancing, swiftly racing, Endeavouring to touch, Drench everyone To the core of their heart! People … Continue reading Home

Tree of Life

Standing bare, naked, Must have brought a sense of shame. Its days of glory were long gone. The layer of plaster that once was, Hung loosely, chipped in patches; Having lost the battle With nature’s elements since long. The bare skeleton of the house, Stood at the street corner. Dark, desolate, lonely, Devoid of life. … Continue reading Tree of Life