A Memory

I carry you always Closest to my heart “cause there’s no place Better, more suited than that! That is where you belong! You, who had filled my life With nothing but love. It’s been many years Growing up together was so much fun. And every moment spent in togetherness Was blissful in its outcome. Then … Continue reading A Memory


Symmetry and disproportion. Petite and gargantuan. No similarities in life’s progression. In actions and habit, digression. No matter how accentuated Are the contrasts, There are a few bonds that connected. Mammal, mother and nurturer Stood under the crimson evening sky; A celebration of diversity That is propagated and sustained by nature. Extolling every beating heart, … Continue reading Diversity


On every wrist, Time on a strap. Movements of people, Constrained by time’s leash. Time was the master, Commanding and holding sway, Doling out favours To those who obeyed. So it was a partnership. Between time and society’s famous, rich. A few however strode a different path. Slipping out of time’s vice-like grip. These handful … Continue reading Time


A small colony; In a relatively smaller town of India. A child, reprimanded by his parents: “Look at your brother”, his father says. “Brilliant guy, 6 pointer in school final exams. He, unlike you, has a bright future. Why can’t you learn something from him”? A shoe; he is expected to fill Appears too big! … Continue reading Fitment


Sometimes life takes us on a path that is not charted by us. The supreme power guides, prods, pushes and directs us to go in directions that we may have never envisaged or planned. It is always a journey; in search of stability, comfort, happiness. Where do they actually reside? Bathed in golden glow Over … Continue reading Seeking


Man has travelled everywhere- From depths of the Pacific, To the vast emptiness of space, His footprint on lunar surface, Even beyond Pluto, his eyes gaze. The tiniest of organism, Cannot stay undetected. Man’s curiosity seeks them out, Under microscope they are then dissected. Tomes of information, Under command of one’s finger. Often high on … Continue reading Assistance