Goutam Dutta

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pxhere.com Indian summer? Fallen leaves, yellowed.Hot winds blast during the day.Sweet Mangoes beckon. Festival of Colours-Holi? Hues of fire on trees.Festival of hues on cheeks.Pristine moonlit night. Monsoon Hues-India? Wet stray on road,Searching for shelter from rain.Thunderclaps exhort. An entry in Lockdown Dairy? Bare roads, sans human.Nature sets up… Continue reading Goutam Dutta

Sands of Time

Grains of time in a jar Each one etched with a memory, Precious moments of mine. When it is therefore time to go How can I leave them behind? Away I wish to carry my moments On the eternal journey of mine!   Stop there will you please mere mortal? No one has ever Been … Continue reading Sands of Time