Lord Hanuman, as a child, did something scary. One day, when feeling incredibly hungry, He leapt at the rising sun, Thinking it was an apple; a juicy one. Gosh! Is that real, or just a story? There is a story about Lord Hanuman, a monkey with supernatural powers and worshipped by us Hindus as a … Continue reading Folklore


Goodbye, farewell! I leave behind civilisation, To travel This road. This road; The sole connection To a place, More beautiful than everything That I leave behind. This road; A journey into unknown. Yet a journey in quest Of freedom, Of relief, Of bliss, Of rest. A journey which, all through these years The soul has … Continue reading Departure


The person inside my head; His dreams, aspirations. His plans, ambitions. His wants and desire. His perceptions, belief. His abilities, confidence. Does it ever change? The harsh reality; Impacting daily. Battering constantly; Like the ocean waves. Shaking foundations; Akin to ravages of an earthquake. Pragmatism, Wears off the sheen, Of the person inside the head; … Continue reading Broken


“Do you believe in life after death”, I asked, more with the intent of breaking the grip of silence that seemed to tighten its hold every minute. “Yes, certainly”, said he. “It is a cycle…birth, death and rebirth. Every day, many souls journey across space, passing from one realm to the next. Only a few … Continue reading Spectacle

Beginnings and Endings

Books, they say, are companions par excellence. They speak a language that the heart loves and the mind accepts. They have a world, waiting to be explored. They have the power to sway moods, captivate, leave a child wide-eyed in wonder and doubting-Is this really true? It is all about books… Begin the quest for … Continue reading Beginnings and Endings


This society; Claustrophobic, Squeezes, Imposes, Restrains, A rat race to run, Wealth, fame entices, Living for the moment, Tomorrow’s not anyone’s headache. Tensed existence; Laboured breath, Pain and distress, Anxiety, stress, No time to waste, Ladder of success, Expectations wait On bated breath. Years of existence; Sans emotion, Mechanical motion, A coiled spring Reacting to … Continue reading Breathe-Easy