Goodbye, farewell! I leave behind civilisation, To travel This road. This road; The sole connection To a place, More beautiful than everything That I leave behind. This road; A journey into unknown. Yet a journey in quest Of freedom, Of relief, Of bliss, Of rest. A journey which, all through these years The soul has … Continue reading Departure

Voice Of Freedom

Walls everywhere! From my mother’s womb When I was born I cried out; in delight! Ahh! Freedom, I thought! No more constrictions! It’s a wide-open world now. Yet, the walls Always managed to come, Loom out of nowhere And encircle me, Creating a boundary Mute yet deafeningly vocal. Oh bindings! So stifling! “Where the mind … Continue reading Voice Of Freedom


The judgement had been delivered. The guilty one sat in his solitary cell waiting the ultimate freedom; of the liberation of the soul from the body, of the shedding of the current body before it entered another body- like donning of a new garb. It was a moonlit night outside and the moonbeams had the … Continue reading Repentance

My Words..

Those words, Already seemed stale, fetid, Begging for a release. Trapped inside the numerous folds Of the brain, They craved for fresh air; To be heard, Understood, Caressed by lips, Loved by hearts, Other than mine.   So I set them free, To blow in the wind, Floating with the breeze, Dangling on strings Outside … Continue reading My Words..


Do you see fear in my eyes? Anxiety-perhaps? At the moment I seek empathy. From all of you and definitely from him for whom I am supposed to be-a gift!   What a strange nature you people have; picking me up, whisking me away from my family just because you like me!   Isn’t there … Continue reading Gift


The open door, Wafting fragrance of freedom beckons. In her veins, Freedom-the coursing blood. The tears Taste different today, A taste of exuberance, perhaps? Outside Freedom resides- in the darkness of the night, In the somnolence of the multitude, In the empty alleys and streets. Today, it seems to be everywhere. It seems to be … Continue reading Stupor