Foolscap Paper

13 thoughts on “Foolscap Paper”

  1. Very cleverly done!! I must tell you that the comment you gifted me with sounds and feels like a poem…so I’m pondering possibility of crafting it into one. If it bears fruit, I’ll share it with you–though I will keep it anonymous as to credit, when posting…no need to risk anyone misinterpreting, you understand. Take good care–see you soon πŸ˜‰

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    1. Well, you must have heard of “fulscape paper”? They long papers that we use to write our exams in has its origin in Britain and it came to be known as fulscape paper because it had a watermark in it thta represented a ” fool’s cap”. So the 1at 2 lines of my Haiku refers to that….and because a paper is only meant for usage by learned people…the 3rd line says ” it’s only useful for wise heads”. Hope the meaning is clear now? 😊

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