27 thoughts on “Homecoming”

    1. Hello Chris…So glad to know that you enjoyed it. This is a typical situation in growing countries. A national highway crossing a village and linking it to a town or city leads to sudden opening up of the economy of the hitherto remote village. The young flock to the town in hope of employment and better lifestyle and the elderly are left back.

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  1. I love how the entire poem rested on the foundation of this line, “The road; Which lay outside the village Like a thick black serpent.” The imagery describes so many rural roads. Your poetry shows the great amount of rumination that has gone into writing it. Each phrase blends delectable flavors into a brilliant masterpiece. Well done!

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    1. Thank you so much. I have spent a part of my youth working in a remote mining village in India. The place was very remote with one single road outside our mining camp connecting the place to the nearby town, which was 50 Kms away. That image has stayed with me. This, i guess, is true for many remote villages and places in many parts of the world. πŸ™‚

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      1. Even in our city of Woodlake has roads like that, one that is windy, which was a logging road, and quite dangerous in its day when logging trucks barreled down the mountainside terrorizing bikers and cars.

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      1. I love the depth behind your words. I don’t think I could ruminate enough to retrieve that kind of thinking, but I’m going to keep trying. That is why I can’t write good description in my fiction works. I miss things that others see and gloss over what is right next to me. It’s amazing to me that you could so beautifully describe a road from your childhood. Now that’s ruminating.

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      2. I am so happy that you enjoyed the poem so much. Thank you so much for your words, which has certainly boosted me no end. Your poem too has a charm of its own; quite liked the ones I have read. 😊

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